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We promote and support rental sector development in Poland.

More than just support


Extensive business network

Information sharing and growth.
Dostęp do zasobów

Access to resources

Resources and know-how for members.
Widoczność i promocja

Visibility and publicity

Building customer awareness.
Znajomość rynku

Knowledge of the market

Information about rental in Poland.

About the Polish Rental Association

Polskie Stowarzyszenie Branży Wynajmu – The Polish Rental Association undertakes several initiatives to promote the concept of rental, to educate and to co-create administrative and legal solutions aimed at fostering the rental market and making it increasingly professional. These initiatives are undertaken by the Association independently or in cooperation with other entities.

The statutory objectives of the Association are:

  • Promotion of the rental industry in Poland
  • Improvement of operating conditions’ regulations for members of the association
  • Provision of independent statistical information
  • Promoting the principles of health & safety and environmental protection on the Polish market
  • Representing the interests of the members of the Association in liaisons with other parties




PSBW is a cooperation platform for rental companies, mainly in the construction sector. Through the exchange of information and experience, members of the Association can develop their business in line with the best practice standards while considering current market trends.


Business network

Business contacts allow for the exchange of information on e.g., market trends, new regulations, technical solutions, digitalisation.

Access to resources

PSBW prepares promotional materials to encourage rental in Poland. We provide knowledge on reports and other useful tools developed by international partners.

Market knowledge

A platform for exchanging statistics on the market, its potential and changing rental trends.


We promote the members of the Association on the PSBW website and at industry events.

A leading association for the rental industry in Poland

PSBW affiliates the largest rental companies in the construction sector, responsible for shaping the local market.
Atut Rental
Mobil Serwis
Boels Rental

Members’ testimonials

„For us, PSBW membership is first and foremost an opportunity for a valuable exchange of information with companies in the industry. We benefit from the experience of others, while sharing our knowledge in order to develop the best industry standards”

ATUT Rental

„Only by cooperating is it possible to advocate on a large scale for the promotion of the equipment rental market and its benefits for market players. 'In a group there is strength’ is the most straightforward rationale for belonging to PSBW.”



Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to answer them. Take a look at the FAQ section. If you need more information, please fill in the form or write to us.

What does Polskie Stowarzyszenie Branży Wynajmu do?

PSBW is a cooperation platform for rental companies, mainly in the construction sector. Thanks to the exchange of information and experience, members of the Association have the opportunity to develop their activities in a way that complies with the best practice standards and takes into account current market trends.

Who can become a Member of the Association?

All companies that are active in the field of construction equipment rental in Poland are invited to become members.

What are the benefits of PSBW membership?

The association uses the knowledge and experience of affiliated companies – both those that have developed on the Polish market and international companies – to develop market standards, legislative action and to promote the idea of renting and its member companies.

Does PSBW act as an intermediary in the rental of equipment?

The Association is not a rental service provider. You will find links to the range of companies affiliated to the Association, whose quality of service is certified by the Association, on our website.

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